Excerpt from Step One: Unhurried Steps

Not Me
I am not an athlete. At home I walk one to three miles almost every day, mostly because I have a dog that requires outings. I’m also the designated hunter/gatherer/schlepper of household goods and groceries. Among my dear friends, however, I count five athletic women. So it’s easy to observe that, as active as I am, “athletic” I am not. For example, I’m not Leslie. Leslie is rugged. Her idea of fun is one hundred miles of cycling across the midwest by day, sleeping in school gymnasiums at night. I’m not Sara, either, whose favorite activities at the moment include flinging her body through space on a trapeze and careening downhill on a snowboard. Nor am I a serious hiker like Cathy, who recently hiked the Long Trail in Vermont, spending her days on rugged mountain trails and her evenings camping out, sharing a lean-to with strangers, and loving it.

I may not be as athletic as my friends, but, occasionally, I enjoy stepping out beyond the limits of who I am. Some day, I may even evolve into a stronger, braver being, willing to overnight in a lean-to or swing from a trapeze. Some day, perhaps, but not yet. Which is why a long walk in a lovely setting is a perfect choice for me---and for other tender-footed souls.

Author’s Note: Whether you’re thinking about rambling for several days or you’d just like to read about what it’s like to follow a footpath, I invite you to join me and discover the pleasures of a countryside walk, as you sample the pages of Stepping Out.


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